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Residential Real Estate Trends in The Midlands

In understanding whether it is the right time to buy or sell in the real estate market, people tend to look at “generalities” when it is more helpful to look at specifics. As an example, you might read that sales are either “up” or “down”, when in fact certain price ranges may be up and others down. To help you understand the market for your home, or the one you want to buy, the information below shows the number of sales in every price range, the average days on market, and the percent of the overall market sales at that price range represents. Find the price range of your home, and then you can see what is happening to homes in that price range over the past month. We update this section every four weeks.

Market Watch

  Price Range Days on Market List to Sell % Percent Sold
  150- 200K 75 98.13 58.50%
  200-300K 89 97.93 51.20%
  300-400K 95 97.11 46.10%
  400-500K 117 96.76 36.80%
  500K and up 90 95.35 26.46

Data as of 5.1.18


The Midlands are graced with a number of unique neighborhoods and lifestyles. From urban living in historic neighborhoods to modern townhomes on the river; from golf course communities to starter home neighborhoods – the Midlands has it all. As a started starter we have selected 10 neighborhoods so that you can get a feel for all we have to offer.

Neighborhood Sites

1. Shandon
2. Rosewood
3. Earlwood
4. Forest Acres
5. Lake Murray/Chapin
6. Northeast
7. NE Golf Communities (Woodcreek, Wildewood, Spring Valley, Woodlands, Crickentree, Windermere)
8. Irmo
9. Lexington
10. The Hamptons

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Zack Wheeler was the second realtor we worked with to sell a rental property and wish we would have used him first! He understood the pressure to sell quickly after the tenants had moved out and ran point for us on repair work and even the closing due to our hectic schedules. Zack did a great job and is highly recommended.

Michael Jebaily